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Research Article
On the computational complexity of finding a minimal basis for the guess and determine attack

Sh. Khazaei; F. Moazami

Volume 9, Issue 2 , July 2017, Pages 101-110


  Guess-and-determine attack is one of the general attacks on stream ciphers. It is a common cryptanalysis tool for evaluating security of stream ciphers. The effectiveness of this attack is based on the number of unknown bits which will be guessed by the attacker to break the cryptosystem. In this work, ...  Read More

Research Article
An efficient secure channel coding scheme based on polar codes

B. Mafakheri; T. Eghlidos; H. Pilaram

Volume 9, Issue 2 , July 2017, Pages 111-118


  In this paper, we propose a new framework for joint encryption encoding scheme based on polar codes, namely efficient and secure joint secret key encryption channel coding scheme. The issue of using new coding structure, i.e. polar codes in Rao-Nam (RN) like schemes is addressed. Cryptanalysis methods ...  Read More

Research Article
A new CPA resistant software implementation for symmetric ciphers with smoothed power consumption: SIMON case study

M. Safaei Pour; M. Salmasizadeh

Volume 9, Issue 2 , July 2017, Pages 119-130


  In this paper we propose a new method for applying hiding countermeasure against CPA attacks. This method is for software implementation, based on smoothing power consumption of the device. This method is evaluated on the SIMON scheme as a case study; however, it is not relying on any specific SIMON ...  Read More

Research Article
Cipher text only attack on speech time scrambling systems using correction of audio spectrogram

H. Ghasemzadeh; M. Tajik Khasss; H. Mehrara

Volume 9, Issue 2 , July 2017, Pages 131-145

  Recently permutation multimedia ciphers were broken in a chosen-plaintext scenario. That attack models a very resourceful adversary which may not always be the case. To show insecurity of these ciphers, we present a cipher-text only attack on speech permutation ciphers. We show inherent redundancies ...  Read More

Research Article
Phishing website detection using weighted feature line embedding

M. Imani; Gh. A. Montazer

Volume 9, Issue 2 , July 2017, Pages 147-159


  The aim of phishing is tracing the users' s private information without their permission by designing a new website which mimics the trusted website. The specialists of information technology do not agree on a unique definition for the discriminative features that characterizes the phishing websites. ...  Read More

Research Article
Analyzing new features of infected web content in detection of malicious web pages

J. Hajian Nezhad; Majid Vafaei Jahan; M. Tayarani-N; Z. Sadrnezhad

Volume 9, Issue 2 , July 2017, Pages 161-181


  Recent improvements in web standards and technologies enable the attackers to hide and obfuscate infectious codes with new methods and thus escaping the security filters. In this paper, we study the application of machine learning techniques in detecting malicious web pages. In order to detect malicious ...  Read More