About the journal

The ISC International Journal of Information Security (ISeCure) is a scholarly biannual publication devoted to the dissemination of new results in areas of information security and cryptology. ISeCure is published by Iranian Society of Cryptology under an open access publishing policy which allows readers to access the full texts of the published papers on the journal's website free of charge and subject to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International (CC-By 4.0) license. Licensees may copy, distribute, display and make derivative works only if they properly cite and give appropriate credit to the original ISeCure article using its uniquely assigned DOI code.

Publishing frequency

ISeCure is a biannual journal releasing two issues in January and July each year.


You can find more information about the scope of the journal in the Aims and Scope page.

Peer review

ISeCure practices double blind type of peer review to select the submissions of highest quality of content for publishing. Under double-blind peer review, the identity of the authors and the referees are kept confidential from each other to maintain the academic integrity and objectivity of the process. For detailed information about the refereeing process, please visit the Peer Review Process section.

Open access policy

ISeCure is published under a libre green open access policy which helps the authors to disseminate their work through this journal as broadly as possible without paying any fees. Authors still retain the right to archive their own article on their personal web pages for non-commercial purposes or post a copy of their article on other websites after it has been published by the journal provided that they give appropriate credit to the formal publication on the ISeCure website using the uniquely assigned DOI code and they clearly state that the article is copyrighted material of the ISeCure journal.

Digital object identifier (DOI)

Published articles will be assigned unique and permanent DOI codes for future references. Authors are encouraged to always use the assigned DOI code of their article to link to the published article on the ISeCure website. 

Copyright agreement

Once a manuscript has been accepted for publication, the authors will be requested to fill and sign the copyright agreement form to grant publisher rights to the journal such as the right to publish and distribute the accepted article in any form of media existing or hereafter invented.

Privacy policy

No personal information besides the personal information you voluntarily provide for registration on the ISeCure website is collected. ISeCure does not advertise or sell any products. Any third party websites or content on this website are from relevant and reputable academic sources. The content management system in use by the journal requires you to have cookies enabled in your browser to keep your login information and sessions. By continuing to use this website, you signify your acceptance of the ISeCure privacy policies.

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