Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1, Winter and Spring 2012 (20) 


1. Editorial

Pages 1-2

R. Jalili


2. Improving the Rao-Nam secret key cryptosystem using regular EDF-QC-LDPC codes

Pages 3-14

R. Hooshmand; T. Eghlidos; M. R. Aref

3. On the multi _ chi-square tests and their data complexity

Pages 15-24

A. Vardasbi; M. Salmasizadeh; J. Mohajeri

5. Private Key based query on encrypted data

Pages 41-50

H. Afzali; H. Nemati; R. Azmi

7. SEIMCHA: a new semantic image CAPTCHA using geometric transformations

Pages 63-76

M. Mehrnejad; A. Ghaemi Bafghi; A. Harati; E. Toreini