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The ISC International Journal of Information Security (ISeCureis a peer reviewed scholarly publication by Iranian Society of Cryptology. ISeCure is published biannually in print and online with full texts of articles made available for free on the website of the journal under ISeCure open access policy. ISeCure is devoted to publishing theoretical scholarship on a variety of topics related to information security. The intended audience of the journal is any person with an interest in information security from an academic perspective such as engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists. A partial list of topics for review by the journal can be found in the Aims and Scope section. Manuscript types for submission are research papers, review papers, case reports, short communications and letters to the editor.  More information about the policies of the journal can be found on the About Journal and mostly in the Publication Ethics pages. To start a new submission, please first read the Guide for Authors page for detailed information about manuscript format, style and other requirements. Manuscript submission, refereeing and publishing are completely free of charge. New manuscripts should be submitted online by the corresponding author through the website after registration. Articles published in ISeCure Journal are indexed in the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) database of Web of Science/ISI.

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Current Issue: Volume 11, Issue 3, Summer and Autumn 2019, Pages 1-172 (Special Issue) 


1. Editorial

Mohammad Reza Aref


2. Algebraic Matching of Vulnerabilities in a Low-Level Code

Pages 1-7

Oleksandr Letychevskyi; Yaroslav Hryniuk; Viktor Yakovlev; Volodymyr Peschanenko; Viktor Radchenko

5. Medical Image Compression Based on Region of Interest

Pages 29-34

Dalia Shaaban; Mohamed Saad; Ahmed Madian; Hesham Elmahdy

7. Face Recognition Based Rank Reduction SVD Approach

Pages 39-50

Omed Hassan Ahmed; Joan Lu; Qiang Xu; Muzhir Shaban Al-Ani

8. Evaluation of Planet Factors of Smart City through Multi-layer Fuzzy Logic (MFL)

Pages 51-58

Areej Fatima; Muhammad Adnan Khan; Sagheer Abbas; Muhammad Waqas; Leena Anum; Muhammad Asif

9. Considering Uncertainty in Modeling Historical Knowledge

Pages 59-65

Fairouz Zendaoui; Walid Khaled Hidouci

11. Cognitive Strategic Model applied to a Port System

Pages 73-78

Felisa Córdova; Claudia Durán; Fredi Palominos

14. Aspect Oriented UML to ECORE Model Transformation

Pages 97-103

Muhammad Ali Memon; Zaira Hassan; Kamran Dahri; Asadullah Shaikh; Muhammad Ali Nizamani

15. Access and Mobility Policy Control at the Network Edge

Pages 105-111

Evelina Pencheva; Ivaylo Atanasov; Ivaylo Asenov

17. A Fair Power Allocation for Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access in the Power Domain

Pages 123-130

Joel E. Cordeiro Junior; Marcelo S. Alencar; José V. dos Santos Filho; Karcius D. R. Assis

18. Critical Success Factors for Data Virtualization: A Literature Review

Pages 131-137

Matthias Gottlieb; Marwin Shraideh; Isabel Fuhrmann; Markus Böhm; Helmut Krcmar

20. An Optimal Utilization of Cloud Resources using Adaptive Back Propagation Neural Network and Multi-Level Priority Queue Scheduling

Pages 145-151

Anwar Saeed; Muhammad Yousif; Areej Fatima; Sagheer Abbas; Muhammad Adnan Khan; Leena Anum; Ali Akram

21. Cloud and IoT based Smart Car Parking System by using Mamdani Fuzzy Inference System (MFIS)

Pages 153-160

Tahir Alyas; Gulzar Ahmad; Yousaf Saeed; Muhammad Asif; Umer Farooq; Asma Kanwal

23. IoT Protocols Based Fog/Cloud over High Traffic

Pages 173-180

Istabraq M. Al-Joboury; Emad H. Al-Hemiary

24. Virtualized Network Management Laboratory for Educational Purposes

Pages 181-186

Oula L. Abdulsattar; Emad H. Al-Hemiary

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