Document Type : Research Article


College of Computer and Information Sciences King Saud University Riyadh, KSA.


A Chatbot is a smart software that responds to natural language input and attempts to hold a conversation in a way that simulates humans. Chatbots have the potential to save any individual’s time, hassle, and tedium by automating mundane tasks. The idea of this research is that to investigate how to help the user efficiently interact with the robot receptionist through an Intelligent Assistant dialogue. Chatbots are an effective way to improve services with their 24 /7 uptime, and their cost efficiency, and their multi-user quality. Despite the chatbots reduce human errors and give more answers that are accurate. Successful implementation of a chatbot requires correct analysis of the user’s query by the bot and ensures the correct response that should be given to the user. This research develops a chatbot for the Airports, which provides the visitors to the SWE chatbot Relevant information about the department. Throughout our extensive search since the very begin- ning of our project, we have been through multiple re- sources and endured a strenuous vetting process.


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