Document Type : Research Article


College of Computer and Information Sciences, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


In a world full of many ideas turning to various kinds of products that need to be protected and here comes the importance of intellectual property rights. Intellectual property has many types however, our interest is in trademarks. The Madrid system is a system used by a group of countries that were in the Madrid level of the agreement so they authorize it and they that has the agreement with them to use but the problem with it that it is a text-based system because of that we proposed a reverse image engine and that is because the reverse search image is better than the text-based system. we have discussed all of the terms and terminology that we need in our project. Along with reviewing the famous reverse-image search engines and the first systems of trademark image retrieval (TIR) and some of the related papers. Introducing our project with all the system analysis phases.
The project approach is a reverse image search engine, it will be designed using a CBIR system with deep neural networks. This project will be implemented in the second semester of the 2020 year.