Document Type : Research Article


College of Information Engineering, Al-Nahrain University, Iraq.


Wireless Networked Control System (WNCS) consists of a control system and communication network system. The insertion of the communication network in control systems has enormous advantages but on the other hand, it brings several issues like network induced delays or packet dropouts that bring negative impact on the performance of the system and may lead to instability, the delay caused by wireless network transmission may have bad impacts on the system, so We need to know the behaviour of networked control systems to design better and optimum control that reduces the effect of the delay. In this paper the wireless networked control system is simulated using TrueTime. TrueTime is a Matlab/Simulink-based simulation toolbox which is used to design a wireless network model of ZigBee, using PID control for DC motor system. The evaluation tests show that the PID controller cannot stabilize the system when the data rare of ZigBee network is 20kbps.