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1. A Fast Publicly Verifiable Secret Sharing Scheme using Non-homogeneous Linear Recursions

Ali Zaghian; Bagher Bagherpour

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 11 July 2020


  A non-interactive (t,n)-publicly veri able secret sharing scheme (non-interactive (t,n)-PVSS scheme) is a (t,n)-secret sharing scheme in which anyone, not only the participants of the scheme, can verify the correctness of the produced shares without interacting with the dealer and participants. The (t,n)-PVSS ...  Read More

2. A Decentralized Online Sortition Protocol

R. Ramezanian; M. Pourpouneh

Volume 10, Issue 1 , Winter and Spring 2018, , Pages 63-69


  We propose a new online sortition protocol which is decentralized. We argue that our protocol has safety, fairness, randomness, non-reputation and openness properties. Sortition is a process that makes random decision and it is used in competitions and lotteries to determine who is the winner. In the ...  Read More