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Artificial Intelligence and Dynamic Analysis-Based Web Application Vulnerability Scanner

Mehmet Ali Yalçınkaya; Ecir Uğur Küçüksille

Volume 16, Issue 1 , January 2024, , Pages 55-77


  The widespread use of web applications and running on sensitive data has made them one of the most significant targets of cyber attackers. One of the most crucial security measures that can be taken is the detection and closure of vulnerabilities on web applications before attackers. In this study, a ...  Read More

A Machine Learning Approach for Detecting and Categorizing Sensitive Methods in Android Malware

Hayyan Salman Hasan; Hasan Muhammad Deeb; Behrouz Tork Ladani

Volume 15, Issue 1 , January 2023, , Pages 59-71


  Sensitive methods are those that are commonly used by Android malware to perform malicious behavior. These methods may be either evasion or malicious payload methods. Although there are several approaches to handle these methods for performing effective dynamic malware analysis, but generally most of ...  Read More

A Multilingual Infobot in Airports

Ghada Al-Hudhud; Abeer Al-Humamidi

Volume 12, Issue 3 , November 2020, , Pages 111-115


  A Chatbot is a smart software that responds to natural language input and attempts to hold a conversation in a way that simulates humans. Chatbots have the potential to save any individual’s time, hassle, and tedium by automating mundane tasks. The idea of this research is that to investigate how ...  Read More

Using Machine Learning ARIMA to Predict the Price of Cryptocurrencies

Saad Ali Alahmari

Volume 11, Issue 3 , August 2019, , Pages 139-144


  The increasing volatility in pricing and growing potential for profit in digital currency have made predicting the price of cryptocurrency a very attractive research topic. Several studies have already been conducted using various machine-learning models to predict crypto currency prices. ...  Read More

Analyzing new features of infected web content in detection of malicious web pages

J. Hajian Nezhad; Majid Vafaei Jahan; M. Tayarani-N; Z. Sadrnezhad

Volume 9, Issue 2 , July 2017, , Pages 161-181


  Recent improvements in web standards and technologies enable the attackers to hide and obfuscate infectious codes with new methods and thus escaping the security filters. In this paper, we study the application of machine learning techniques in detecting malicious web pages. In order to detect malicious ...  Read More