Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Special Issue, Summer and Autumn 2019 
1. Algebraic Matching of Vulnerabilities in a Low-Level Code

Page 1-7

Oleksandr Letychevskyi; Yaroslav Hryniuk; Viktor Yakovlev; Volodymyr Peschanenko; Viktor Radchenko

4. Medical Image Compression Based on Region of Interest

Page 29-34

Dalia Shaaban; Mohamed Saad; Ahmed Madian; Hesham Elmahdy

6. Face Recognition Based Rank Reduction SVD Approach

Page 39-50

Omed Hassan Ahmed; Joan Lu; Qiang Xu; Muzhir Shaban Al-Ani

7. Evaluation of Planet Factors of Smart City through Multi-layer Fuzzy Logic (MFL)

Page 51-58

Areej Fatima; Muhammad Adnan Khan; Sagheer Abbas; Muhammad Waqas; Leena Anum; Muhammad Asif

8. Considering Uncertainty in Modeling Historical Knowledge

Page 59-65

Fairouz Zendaou; Walid Khaled Hidouci

10. Cognitive Strategic Model applied to a Port System

Page 73-78

Felisa Córdova; Claudia Durán; Fredi Palominos

13. Aspect Oriented UML to ECORE Model Transformation

Page 97-103

Muhammad Ali Memon; Zaira Hassan; Kamran Dahri; Asadullah Shaikh; Muhammad Ali Nizamani

14. Access and Mobility Policy Control at the Network Edge

Page 105-111

Evelina Pencheva; Ivaylo Atanasov; Ivaylo Asenov

16. A Fair Power Allocation for Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access in the Power Domain

Page 123-130

Joel E. Cordeiro Junior; Marcelo S. Alencar; José V. dos Santos Filho; Karcius D. R. Assis

17. Critical Success Factors for Data Virtualization: A Literature Review

Page 131-137

Matthias Gottlieb; Marwin Shraideh; Isabel Fuhrmann; Markus Böhm; Helmut Krcmar

19. An Optimal Utilization of Cloud Resources using Adaptive Back Propagation Neural Network and Multi-Level Priority Queue Scheduling

Page 145-151

Anwar Saeed; Muhammad Yousif; Areej Fatima; Sagheer Abbas; Muhammad Adnan Khan; Leena Anum; Ali Akram

20. Cloud and IoT based Smart Car Parking System by using Mamdani Fuzzy Inference System (MFIS)

Page 153-160

Tahir Alyas; Gulzar Ahmad; Yousaf Saeed; Muhammad Asif; Umer Farooq; Asma Kanwal