New Fixed Point Attacks on GOST2 Block Cipher



1 Department of Electrical Engineering Sharif University of Technology

2 Department of Electrical Engineering Sharif University of Technology



GOST block cipher designed in the 1970s and published in 1989 as the Soviet and Russian standard GOST 28147-89. In order to enhance the security of GOST block cipher after proposing various attacks on it, designers published a modified version of GOST, namely GOST2, in 2015 which has a new key schedule and explicit choice for S-boxes. In this paper, by using three exactly identical portions of GOST2 and fixed point idea, more enhanced fixed point attacks for filtration of wrong keys are presented. More precisely, the focus of the new attacks is on reducing memory complexity while keeping other complexities unchanged as well. The results show a significant reduction in the memory complexity of the attacks, while the time complexity slightly increased in comparison to the previous fixed point attacks. To the best of our knowledge, the lowest memory complexity for an attack on full-round GOST2 block cipher is provided here.