Document Type : Research Article


1 Malek-Ashtar university of tehran

2 Department of Media Engineering, IRIB University

3 Amir Kabir university of tehran


Parallel execution of multiple threads of a web application will result in server-side races if the web application is not synchronized correctly. Server-side race is susceptible to flaws in the relation between the server and the database. Detecting the race condition in the web applications depends on the business logic of the application. No logic-aware approach has been presented to deal with race conditions. Furthermore, most existing approaches either result in DoS or are not applicable with false positive.
In this study, the session puzzling race conditions existing in a web application are classified and described. In addition, we present Business-Layer Session Puzzling Racer, a black-box approach for dynamic application security testing, to detect the business-layer vulnerability of the application against session puzzling race conditions. Experiments on well-known and widely used web applications showed that Business-Layer Session Puzzling Racer is able to detect the business layer vulnerabilities of these applications against race conditions. In addition, the amount of traffic generated to identify the vulnerabilities has been improved by about 94.38% by identifying the business layer of the application. Thus, Business-Layer Session Puzzling Racer does not result in DoS.