Document Type : Research Article


Business Administration Department, Faculty of Economics and Administration, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


With the revolution in mobile technologies and the growing number of mobile internet users, Mobile Payment was born as a convenient channel of communication between customers and firms or organizations. Nowadays, Mobile Payments are on the way to disrupting the traditional Payment methods and contributing to a massive shift to a cashless society. However, some Mobile Payment users may be resistant to changing from conventional Payment methods. Therefore, it is critical to guarantee users’ continuance intention (CI) toward Mobile Payments to ensure the widespread uptake of Mobile Payments. Given this, this research aims to study the influence of the quality of Mobile Payment impacts users’ CI in Saudi Arabia (SA). Methods: The conceptual model was constructed based on the Information System Success Model and Information System post-adoption researches to support the framework of the current study. Results are drawn from a self-administered survey of a random sample of 389 respondents who regularly use Mobile Payment services in SA. Quantitative analysis is used to determine the impact of Mobile Payment quality on persistence intention to operate in Saudi Arabia. Results: The current study outcomes have shown that all three dimensions of quality (system quality (SYSQ), service quality (SERQ), and information quality (INFQ)), influence user satisfaction (SAT).