Document Type : Research Article


1 Department of Computer Engineering, Cyprus International University, Lefkosa, North Cyprus.

2 Information Technology Department, School of Applied Sciences, Cyprus International University, Lefkosa, North Cyprus.


Ad hoc network is infrastructure-less support, so network nodes are vulnerable to many attacks. Security attacks in Ad-Hoc networks are increasing significantly with time. They communicated and exchanged data should be also secured and kept confidential. Therefore, hybrid cryptography is proposed to avoid unauthorized access to data. Data will be transmitted in an encrypted state, through Diffie-Hellman and later decrypted by the intended party. If a third party intercepts the encrypted data, it will be difficult to decipher. Ad Hoc on Demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing protocol is employed to determine the destination. The proposed solution is a hybrid mechanism of encryption algorithms. The NS-2.3 simulator was used to evaluate the performance of the proposed security algorithm. Simulation results have shown the performance of the proposed algorithm in the ad-hoc network on several metrics outperformed many developed security algorithm. A hybrid encryption algorithm for mitigating the effects of attacks in ad hoc networks was developed based on ADOV routing protocol. The algorithm manipulated AES and Blowfish encryption algorithms to increase the speed of the algorithm as well as encryption which will lead to preventing access to a packet while transmission in Ado- hoc network